Our creative project Postcards of Hope was created to offer solace to those going through depression, encouraging people to share inspirational art, poetry or prose that lifted them in bleak times.

We have received many moving, thoughtful postcards depicting the uncertainty and turmoil that many people face when living with depression, providing insight into the power of intrusive thoughts and emotions.

Nonetheless, the theme of hope shines through in all of the submissions, with artists keen to examine the importance of focusing on the positive aspects of life, often simple everyday things that bring joy.

Sunlight is a recurring theme in the cards we’ve received, linking well with author Rachel Kelly’s Black Rainbow memoir, which details her journey through depression and the “recovered greenness” she enjoyed through consolatory poetry.

Carol’s postcard ‘Hang on to your horse and life’  explores the uncertain nature of expectation, and how improvement and happiness can occur at a time when they seem impossible. Despite a negative outlook, “things can turn around” and be better than you had ever anticipated.

Christopher’s offering ‘Replace poverty with sunshine’ also focuses on the curative aspects of nature, discussing the need to concentrate on the simple pleasures of life during times of hardship and scarcity.

Such work represents a chance to rebuild and emphasises the restorative aspects of light during times of darkness, reminding us of that even the gloomiest of times can be eclipsed by joy.

Find out more about Postcards of Hope or submit your own card at www.postcardsofhope.org.uk

Gemma Taylor, media assistant.