Our latest postcard of the week ‘Total Frustration’ by Louise artistically captures the sense of being overwhelmed as well as of isolation that depression can cause for many.

Our recently launched project, Postcards of Hope, aims to give people the opportunity to express themselves through art and poetry, encouraging creativity to be used as an outlet to discuss whatever you like.

Here, Louise evokes the duality of depression, wrestling with your inner feelings while outwardly appearing like there is nothing wrong.

Speaking about her own experience of depression, which inspired her postcard, Louise explained: “Have you ever felt dead inside? Felt like a small child screaming to be heard but no words to express that horrible, numb feeling when depression strikes?  I have.

“But you look the same, you look ‘normal’ so no-one knows. You manage to keep that façade up for a long time but those voices which are telling you that you are pointless, worthless, unlovable mean that eventually you break. That inner child bursts out and screams and you cease functioning. Then astonishingly you find a medical professional who gets it.”

Last August, Louise found a suitable medical expert who helped her and she has recently returned to work. Despite ups and downs, she is hopeful about the future.

“This image was created by me at the point that my best friend abandoned me…I didn’t think I could feel any lower. I feel like this but keep going because there must be something better than the numbness and pain of depression.

“I am still here, still alive.”

To find out more about the Postcards of Hope project or to create your own postcard, visit the Postcards from the Edges website.

Gemma Taylor, media assistant.