Of the many remarkable things we have witnessed in 2013, perhaps the most rewarding has been the hundreds of disabled people up and down the country taking part in our Postcards from the Edges project.

Back in January, we asked disabled people and those who cared about them “what do you want to tell the world?”, only asking that they reply on a blank postcard, using words or images in whichever way they chose. More than 800 postcards flooded in, creating an extraordinary, powerful and moving snapshot of disability in the early 21st century.

Although the project was never designed to be political, some of the postcard makers did choose to address political matters, submitting postcards protesting the bedroom tax or the scapegoating of disabled people in the media. Other postcards were less directly political, but still of significance to lawmakers: disabled people expressing themselves about their ambitions for the future or the injustices they face.

That’s why, following a hugely successful tour which has visited London, Liverpool, Bristol and Gateshead, we are excited to announce that we will be hosting on a one-off pop-up exhibition of Postcards from the Edges right at the heart of Parliament on February 5th. This is particularly timely, as the previous day the Government’s crucial Care Bill will have cleared its final parliamentary hurdle before becoming law. It is a perfect time for MPs to find out why the Care Bill is so deeply important to the people it affects most, and why it needs to be funded properly and fought for throughout 2014 and 2015.

The exhibition will feature the best of the postcards submitted, particularly those which reflect the issues that the Care Bill is designed to tackle - such as support, isolation and finances. There are paintings, photographs, poems, collages, stories and even knitted postcards, coming from a huge array of people, including older people with mental health needs, the mothers of children with autism, cancer survivors, people with physical disabilities, school children, social workers, actors and artists.

“Fascinating and moving” is how the Daily Mirror described the exhibition. “A chance for the wider public to counter preconceptions around disability and gain a better understanding”, said the Guardian. Some celebrities contributed their own postcards, including Oscar-winner Emma Thompson, Olympian Sally Gunnell, musicians Suede, Paralympians Hannah Cockroft and Dame Sarah Storey, and Kelly Knox, model and former winner of BBC's Britain's Missing Top Model.

A one-off, soft-backed “coffee table book” of Postcards will be given to attendees, featuring the most moving or striking postcards, along with an exploration of how the project came about and why it struck a chord. A few postcard makers will also be present to talk about why they got involved in the project and how they believe it can challenge stereotypes around disability. Room sponsor Dame Anne Begg MP will be among a select group of speakers.

The launch event will take place on Wednesday 5th February from 6.30 until 8.00. We have a limited number of spaces available to non MPs who are interested in the project, with priority given to those who have taken part or plan to submit a postcard.

There are also a very limited number of spare spaces available for postcards to be featured at the Westminster event, if they are on topics which are relevant to politicians. So if you feel like getting creative, why not visit www.postcardsfromtheedges.org.uk and send MPs a message?