Postcards from the Edges is now in its fifth month of running and has seen over 500 cards posted to us or uploaded to the website.

Entries have come in many forms. From doodles to fine art with this week’s featured postcard impressively crafted with the use of a biro and some felt tips.

The postcard was created by Adam Bray, a musician, artist, and poet based in Kent. We asked Adam to tell us what inspired him to get involved and create his postcard.

“I have been working for United Response for some four years now. I first started while completing a degree in fine art, and loved the job from the outset. It seemed to me that it was an environment conducive to the creative mind-set, in as much as it was working with people that seemed to have been largely forgotten about by the wider society. The role of the artist is to engage in areas that others will not.”

Adam continues: “My postcard is a self portrait. At the beginning of the year I moved into a Buddhist monastery in order to study meditation. While I was there I began a practice of drawing a self portrait every morning. I want to limit the reason for my postcard to a simple statement pertaining to my own truth, and my truth as I understand it is simply that art can save lives.”

You can read more about Adam and why he created his card and find many more postcards on the Postcards from the Edges website.

If you would like the chance to have your postcard displayed at one of the 4 gallery exhibitions, create a postcard today! You can create a postcard online or you can email with a postal address.

Beth Bridewell, web assistant.