Postcards from the Edges is about being expressive and creative; it’s about providing a blank space – and what you fill that space with, is up to you!

For some, this has meant getting creative with pens and pencils, but for others, it has meant taking a photograph or writing a poem, as is the case with this week’s featured postcard.

This week’s card was created by Amy to challenge assumptions she believes surround autism. The postcard features a poem called ‘Autism, from the inside out’.

“Often, non-autistic people assume that they can understand us more than we understand ourselves. That every imperfection or quirk we have can be attributed to autism and that we’re limited not by their attitudes, but by autism itself.”

Amy continues: “Each autistic individual is unique; the media and Hollywood tend to only portray autism in its most extreme, classic form. Allow us alone to form your understanding of us!

“Although autism can cause issues in itself, most issues we face are from ignorance or a lack of autism awareness in wider society. Some autistic individuals internalise these ignorant attitudes, resulting in a negative self-image.”

You can read more about why Amy created her card and find many more postcards on the Postcards from the Edges website.

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Beth Bridewell, web assistant.