Our Postcards from the Edges campaign is inspiring some amazing creativity. We love seeing new postcards uploaded to the Postcards from the Edges website.

Every Monday, we have been sharing a ‘Postcard of the Week’. We are using these blogs to shine a spotlight on some of the stories behind individual postcards.

This blog is the fifth in the series. 

Today's postcard (above) is called ‘Bullied’ and is by Jaime. He created this postcard because one of the issues that most shocks him is the ongoing bullying of people with learning disabilities.

His postcard reflects on the statistic that 9 out of 10 people with learning disabilities report having been bullied. You can read the full story of ‘Bullied’ and find many more postcards on the Postcards from the Edges website.

You can create your own postcard by heading to the Postcards from the Edges website. You can upload a postcard you have created or use the tool to create one online.

We have some Postcard packs which include hard copies of postcards as well as much more information on the project, including an easy read guide. To obtain one of these then please email postcards@unitedresponse.org.uk with your postal address.

Beth Bridewell, Media Assistant.