The postcards are rolling in! Whether they are uploaded directly to the Postcards from the Edges website or sent to us through the post, we are really enjoying seeing the fantastic postcard submissions.

We know that word of the project is spreading and we encourage you all to share you creations with your family and friends.  If you haven't yet joined in, then why not have a look on the website for some inspiration and make the most of  the opportunity to send a postcard to the world.

In this series of weekly blogs, we have been giving you some of the stories behind the postcards we have received.

This week’s ‘Postcard of the week’ is called ‘A great boyfriend’ and was created by Eric at a workshop in York. Eric’s postcard is about focusing on things he is good at, such as being a good boyfriend to his girlfriend, Liz. The postcard shows a photo of them looking very happy together.

Find out more about this postcard by viewing the postcard and story in full on the Postcards from the Edges website.

The Postcards from the Edges website includes a postcard creator tool so you can make a postcard online. Just click the green ‘Create a card’ button on the homepage. Alternatively, we can send you a postcard pack which includes more information, blank postcards, an easy read guide to creating postcards and a freepost envelope so you can pop the postcards in the post to us.

If you would like a pack, please email

Beth Bridewell, media assistant.