Earlier this month, we launched a new campaign, the biggest creative campaign in United Response's history – Postcards from the Edges.

We have created a brand new website to allow people to share their artwork, poetry, stories, collages or messages. Our hope is that many people will get involved and express what is important to them. 

This blog is the third in our series of ‘Postcard of the week’. This postcard has been created by Ashley and is called “I was very proud” and tells the story of a trip that Ashley had made he previous day, using images of clothing and words.

You can read the full story of “I was very proud” and see many more postcards on the Postcards from the Edges website.

You can create your own postcard online by pressing the green ‘Create a card’ button on the homepage. If you’d like to make postcards at home, then please request one of our practical postcard packs. The pack contains everything you need; from the postcard template to ideas for themes – just email postcards@unitedresponse.org.uk.

Beth Bridewell, Media Assistant.