The diversity of postcards uploaded to the Postcards from the Edges website is astounding. From doodles to political statements, people are using postcards to express everything and anything to the world.

In this series of weekly blogs, we want to give you the stories behind some of the postcards. Hopefully it will inspire you, and many others, to get involved.

This postcard was uploaded to the Postcards website from author and artist, E. V. Rose. She talks about her passion to create art at a time when she could paint without hindrance. When she looks back on her paintings she finds this one the most soothing and restful of all.

Find out more about this postcard by viewing the postcard and story in full on the Postcards from the Edges website.

The Postcards from the Edges website includes a postcard creator tool so you can make a postcard online. Just click the green ‘Create a card’ button on the homepage. Alternatively, we can send you a postcard pack which includes:

  • More information about United Response and the project
  • Four postcards
  • A postcard template for photocopying (in case you want to make more)
  • An easy read guide to creating postcards
  • A freepost envelope so you can send it back to us.

If you would like a pack, please email with your postal address 

Beth Bridewell, media assistant.