Two months ago, we began the biggest creative campaign in United Response’s history – Postcards from the Edges.

Postcards have been submitted to the Postcards from the Edges website or posted to us from all over the country and we love seeing your postcard creations.

Each week, we have been choosing a postcard to feature as our ‘postcard of the week’. This week’s featured postcard is called ‘See me’. It was created by Anna who works for United Response but also has relatives who work in the support sector.

Anna created her postcard to highlight the invisibility of people with disabilities in the media. Whilst we think it’s great that leading brands have started to recognise the importance of including disabled people such as Debenham's recent stand against 'size zero tyranny', there’s a long way to go before all disabled people are visible.

Anna said: “There are over one million adults with learning disabilities in the UK, yet if you went by what you see in films, TV and magazines, there’s only about 10 and they all have Down’s syndrome.

Until we see more disabled people playing roles on our screens, people will continue to feel uncomfortable and awkward if they meet someone with a disability in real life. We need to normalise being different.”

Find out more about this postcard by viewing the postcard and story in full on the Postcards from the Edges website.

Why not create your own card, expressing what's important to you? The Postcards from the Edges website includes a postcard creator tool so you can make a postcard online. Just click the green ‘Create a card’ button on the homepage. Alternatively, we can send you a postcard pack which includes:

- More information about United Response and the project

- Four postcards

- A postcard template for photocopying (in case you want to make more)

- An easy read guide to creating postcards

- A freepost envelope so you can send it back to us.

If you would like a pack, please email with your postal address.

Beth Bridewell, media assistant.