Our Postcards from the Edges campaign has been running for a few weeks now and the creative talent is flowing.

To shine a spotlight on some of the stories behind the postcards on the website, we are choosing a ‘Postcard of the week’ to feature on our blog.

This blog is the fourth in our series of ‘Postcard of the week’.

This week’s postcard is called ‘The brightness of hope’ and has been created by Matthew Wren. Matthew is a trained artist who has personal experience of supporting those with learning disabilities and autism.

His postcard is inspired by the moment his niece was diagnosed with autism. You can read the full story of “The brightness of hope” and find many more fantastic postcards on the Postcards from the Edges website.

You can create your own postcard online by pressing the green ‘Create a card’ button on the homepage. However, if you’d like to get your hands on a Postcards pack (includes postcards and much more information on the project, including an easy read guide), then email: postcards@unitedresponse.org.uk.

Beth Bridewell, Media Assistant.