Just a few decades ago many people with disabilities or mental health needs were locked away from the rest of Britain in institutions, their voices ignored and their stories unheard.

This is just one of the reasons we’ve launched Postcards from the Edges,  United Response’s biggest creative campaign ever.

We’ve received a real range of postcards over the last few months. This diversity has been reflected in people’s motivation for creating a card. The act of creating a postcard has meant different things to different people; from a therapeutic exercise to a bold statement shouted at the world.

This week’s postcard of the week was created by Christ Wright and is called ‘Welcome to my world’.

Chris’s postcard tells a powerful story. It includes an image of his medical records from 1993, when he was aged 11.

Chris said: “I’ve always been an open book when it comes to my mental health even if some people can be ignorant about it and don’t want to talk about the taboos.”

He continues: “I would like my postcard to shock. Mental health is not a joke; it’s something that is close to my heart.”

Find out more about this postcard by viewing the postcard and story in full on the Postcards from the Edges website.

To join in the project, please create a postcard online or please email postcards@unitedresponse.org.uk with a postal address to request a postcard pack. 

Beth Bridewell, media assistant.