We are today delighted to launch our new creative project, Postcards of Hope, in partnership with the new book Black Rainbow. You may even be hear because you read about the project in today's Mail on Sunday.

Black Rainbow is a memoir published next week describing author Rachel Kelly's profound depression and subsequent recovery, helped through dark times by the healing words of poetry.

Inspired by the book, and by our previous Postcards from the Edges project, we decided we needed to hear from you about what has given you hope when you were going through a particularly hard time. It could be poetry, a passage from a book, or an inspiring artwork. Or you might want to create your own artwork on the theme of hope, perhaps telling us about a person, an idea or a memory which has kept you going.

To make and share your postcard go to Postcards from the Edges and create your postcard online, or print off a template and make one of your own. You can also see some of the beautiful postcards already submitted by artists who took part in previous projects, including Hannah Cockroft, the gold medal winning Paralympian.

You do not need to be a great artist or a perfect writer to take part. The things that matter in this project are creativity, passion and having something you want to share. Guides on how to make postcards are also included at the website.

Take part - share your hope with the world this Easter.

Jaime Gill, head of external affairs, United Response