As Postcards of Hope, our creative partnership with memoir Black Rainbow, continues to gain momentum, we have received a variety of postcards focused on the power of positivity to overcome troubling emotions.

Well-known works of poetry and prose have been reimagined as colourful postcards, reminding us of the curative power of words, however brief the sentences or phrases.

Nikki’s postcard “In Truth There is Love” showcases artwork of the same name by artist Elvira Amrhein, featuring a girl with a faraway and pensive expression. The ethereal nature of the image is calming while the title shares a simple but significant message on the value of honesty, whatever we are going through.

Our Postcards of Hope project aims to encourage people to express inspirational and positive words and art and it is hoped that sharing such messages may help others to recover.

Lucy’s card “Lucy” features an extract from a poem by Emily Dickinson, “Hope”, which describes the strength of the bird as it weathers a storm.

Such words emphasise the hardships faced by many throughout life’s ups and downs and there is significance in the phrase “never stops – at all”, highlighting the benefits of mustering inner strength and determination to free onself from a sense of isolation and sadness.

Author Rachel Kelly has spoken about the need for perseverance through dark times and has herself called Dickinson’s poem “especially inspiring”.

If you have a favourite poem or extract that has inspired you in difficult times, why not share it on our Postcards of Hope page.

Gemma Taylor, media assistant.