Why is Practice Leadership important?

“In order to ensure that staff work together as an effective team, good leadership is required. Given that the people providing support need to work consistently and to the agenda of the individuals they serve, team leaders need to be able to support the development of staff knowledge and skills and to provide ongoing motivation and direction. We call this ‘Practice Leadership’ to distinguish it from the broader sense of management and leadership found in any organisation, to emphasise its focus on the quality of life of the individual served.” (Mansell & Beadle-Brown, 2012)

We know from experience that building a team of support staff who have a clear understanding of how to meet the needs of an individual with complex needs, is a dynamic and interactive process. It requires much more than just training - which is why we have been combining high quality courses with an increasing understanding and implementation of Practice Leadership since 2005.

Watch an introductory video by Professor Julie Beadle-Brown from the Tizard Centre.

What do Practice Leaders do?

Practice Leaders demonstrate effective support by showing the way and guiding their team towards a joint vision of quality support. They actively lead their team by modelling good support, providing regular feedback, translating policy and reviewing the quality of support delivered by the team.

What we’ve learnt

As one of the first organisations to appreciate the importance of Practice Leadership we have built up a wealth of experience that we are keen to share with others. Over the last 11 years we have learnt exactly why Practice Leadership is a critical element in the delivery of high quality person centred support.

In order to raise the profile of Practice Leadership in the sector we organised a summit a fortnight ago with a group of academics and practice experts at the forefront of this field. We were honoured to be joined by specialists from the Tizard Centre, ABM University Health Board, National Autistic Society, BILD and Edinburgh Napier University.

Practice Leadership Summit

The first summit was a resounding success, giving participants the opportunity to discuss the latest insights, share resources and propose future partnership opportunities. All the participants were enthused by the potential benefits for people being supported, frontline staff, managers, organisations, trustees and commissioners.

The group were keen to adopt a collaborative approach from the outset, with the intention of making the knowledge available to staff throughout the sector. Their ambition is to give operational teams, in every organisation, access to the tools required to deliver the highest quality support to the people in their care.


Would my organisation benefit from Practice Leadership?

“… a Practice Leadership management style promotes positive staff experiences when working in challenging environments” Deveau & McGill 2016

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