Well it’s just two months today until we RideLondon100 (which actually should probably be called the RideLondon-AND-SURREY-INCLUDING-UP-BOXHILL-100) and we are well into our training!

Highlights have included some beautiful countryside views, sun on our shoulders – and ending up at the pub after our runs (leaving the pub afterwards was less fun). Lowlights have included rain, hills, more rain, more hills, hills WITH LOOSE GRAVEL (though not in the rain, thankfully) and an epic puncture session which took one hour and not one, not two, not three, but FOUR attempts to fix. During which time we were joined by a young (and terrified) calf who had escaped into the lane and swiftly made a bolt home for mum (turns out the grass really isn’t always greener) and a pony with a complex about people wearing backpacks “he thinks they are giant snails out to get him” confided his owner.

I’m not making any of this up.

The best thing about it all though is that my Dad and I are spending some very lovely quality time together (even if we are regularly too tired/puffed to talk), we are getting stronger and fitter (doing some of those rainy hills much more quickly than before, which is very gratifying) and getting to stuff our faces to boot (me – cereal bars, him, pain au chocolat, though we have recently graduated to proper energy gels and electrolyte drinks and other bits of gunk in brightly coloured sachets). So we are now feeling quietly – that’s very quietly – confident that we might just, just make it. Though we haven’t practiced Box Hill yet…

Watch this space – and if you’d like to sponsor us – because after all the whole point is that we are raising money for United Response – then please do visit our fundraising page.

If this blog has inspired you to get on your bike, why not sign up to the London Triathlon 2014? Taking place on 2 and 3 August, there are three levels of challenge – sprint, super spring and Olympic. You can take part as a team of three and have some fun like we have! For more information please email Sarah; our fundraising assistant.

Diane Lightfoot, director of communications and fundraising