Supporting people to move out of Assessment and Treatment Units is a critical issue and we are absolutely committed to doing all we can to support it.

The post Winterbourne programme, so far, has not delivered what it set out to and we urgently need to do something different if we are to seriously address this failure and support people with learning disabilities to make key choices about how they live.

We joined the NHS England-led group to share our experience - which includes successfully supporting many people to move out of Assessment and Treatment Units and other institutions to live in the community. We did so in the hope of making a real difference. We've already shared our resources on this including a checklist which shows how vital it is to work with families and disabled people throughout the process - this is absolutely central to our approach.

It is crucial that families and disabled people are at the heart of shaping this programme and it has always been our understanding that they would be. There is a strong commitment from the group to make this happen and we will be pushing hard to make sure that it does. If it does not, we will be raising this as a very serious concern and if necessary will review our continued membership of the group.

Shan Nicholas, interim chief executive.