Training a staff team so they understand how to meet the needs of a person with complex disabilities is a dynamic and interactive process. We believe that developing an individual to become an effective member of staff requires much more than just training - which is why we combine high quality training with Practice Leadership, and that is why we are hosting a summit in York today to discuss this approach.


What is Practice Leadership?

Practice Leadership requires managers to demonstrate effective support by modelling the desired behaviours and using practical examples. This ensures that their team feel truly supported by a manager who understands the reality of their role. Staff learn how to deliver high quality support through detailed feedback and develop in their role through frequent team discussions and seeing managers showing the way with their actions. All of these elements are crucial to providing high quality support that focuses on the individual and meets their needs.


How we're leading the way

We are delighted to be hosting a complimentary Practice Leadership Summit today in York. The event will bring together academics, practice specialists in Positive Behaviour Support and Active Support, to discuss emerging models and share tools and resources which will raise awareness of the importance of practice leadership and ensure it is developed in a variety of services and settings. We are looking forward to sharing the approach we have developed and sharing our experience with the rest of the sector.


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If you'd like to learn more about what practice leadership means, we have just produced a pamphlet for fellow professionals.


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