Understanding what good social care is can be difficult for people who aren’t involved with it. That’s why we’re relaunching our Postcards from the Edges campaign to include video postcards of support workers, people we support, families and friends explaining just what it means for them. The videos will raise awareness of how important it is and highlight how the ongoing shortfall in social care funding is affecting people.


Maintaining independence

We visited the Oakfield service in Liverpool to get people talking. “It’s supporting people the way they want to live, maintaining that independence and keeping people safe” said support worker Lowry, who filmed a video for us.


Steve, who also works as a support worker, shared his view. “It’s about providing care for the vulnerable people. What suits one person may not suit someone else, so it’s about tailoring.”


“I get lonely”

People we support thought about what it would be like if they didn’t have that support. “It’d be hard for me and hard for parents as well” said Claire. Everyone comes to the day service around 2-3 times a week, and have individual support workers they can turn to.


“Sometimes I get lonely, so that’s why I like coming to Oakfield” explained Denise, who’s made lots of friends since attending the day service, and is getting help with losing weight through the Active Me project.


Keeping the support

Everyone also drew their own postcards. People highlighted how much they enjoyed learning new skills like IT, travel training, sports and jewellery making. But what was of central importance throughout the whole day was the network of friends they had built since coming to Oakfield. This community support is something which remains irreplaceable, and vital for the wellbeing of people with learning disabilities.


Our end goal

Our end goal is to present a wealth of postcards and video postcards to the Treasury in the run-up to the Government’s autumn budget statement. We hope this will demonstrate what good social care is, what it means to people with support needs, and what will be lost if the funding for adult social care continues to be under-funded.

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