On Friday 24th July, the All Stars Bath Cricket Club will take on Bath Rugby Legends XI for a Twenty20 charity cricket match – and we’re honoured to be their chosen charity! 

Bath Rugby currently lead with the most wins, but can they keep the top spot or will Bath Cricket Club level the playing field?

Here are ten reasons why we can’t decide which sport we prefer: 


1. Bob Marley didn’t like cricket, he loved it:

2. Kevin Pietersen has a tattoo of the world with a red star for every place he’s scored a century.

3. The fifth Doctor Who, played by Peter Davison, was a big cricket fan. He called it "the greatest game in the universe".

4. Rain stops play – who wants to get wet anyway?!

5. Cricket has special rules about intervals for lunch, tea and drinks.


6. The Haka... Say no more: 

7. A referee can lecture a 6'2" 16st man and command total respect.

8. They’ll play on despite nearly losing their ears.

9. When you score in rugby, you get to convert your points into more points!

10. The singing of national anthems started in 1905 between Wales and New Zealand. Not wanting to be intimated by the haka, the Welsh team started singing their national anthem.

Natalie Millbank, community and events fundraiser.