Last Sunday, Ramsay, a support worker in York, took on the Great North Run in a bid to raise money for United Response. He has managed to raise £300 for training, employment and consultancy work in our York services. Ramsay tells us about his running experience… 

There are two reasons why I ran the Great North Run. Firstly, because I wanted to raise money for the place I work, and also because I welcome a challenge… most of the time. After I signed up back in February, I thought I had all the time in the world to train. Before I knew it, it was six weeks away. My training had to take a serious kick up the behind!

Within the six weeks, I had a week holiday in Devon and Cornwall. I packed my running stuff with the right intentions but those cream teas, and Cornish ales got the best of me. I gave in, I was weak!

In the remaining weeks, the excitement built and I just about felt ready. I knew I wanted to hit the two hour mark, and with the support of the Geordie crowds I knew I could do it. Originally being from the North East, as I crossed the start line with the Tyne Bridge in my sight, I swelled with pride, that same pride carried me across the finish line 13.1 miles later.

With temperatures hitting 20C and without a cloud in the sky, it wasn’t a day for personal bests. But as the Red Arrows soared above the runners and the bands on the run inspired that extra push, I managed to squeeze every ounce of energy for a sprint finish! My finishing time was 02:02, 31 years after my Dads first Great North Run! I may not have beaten his time of 01:25 but just watch this space!

Being a veteran of half marathons (six Great North Run’s amongst other halves) I asked for some fatherly advice when tackling aching knees and muscles. His response: “Beer, a cold bath and a good rub with a wet fish”. Thanks Dad, appreciate it!

I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone that sponsored and supported me, the donations keep coming in and I can’t thank everyone enough! And for those that have asked, yes, I’ll be there next year!

Ramsay Taylor, support worker.

If you'd like to take part in a local challenge event like Ramsay get in touch via email or call Sarah on 0208 8794 987.

If you want to help Ramsay raise money for United Response in York you can sponsor him via his online fundraising page.