With the General Election coming up fast, there are just over 48 hours left to take part in our politically themed Postcards from the Edges board.

Let us kick off this blog by saying a huge thank you to everyone who has created postcards for our Great Expectations 2015 campaign board so far.

We have been thrilled at the number of people affected by disability who have come forward to put their expectations for the upcoming election on such poignant, beautiful and powerful postcards.

Submissions have come from creative art and theatre groups, schools, advocacy groups, independent artists and poets, and people who use United Response’s services, and topics have ranged from benefit cuts, independent living and hospital waiting times to inclusion, equality and the right of disabled people to vote.

Lost Voice Guy supports Great Expectations 2015

We’re also proud to say that the project has attracted some high-profile contributors – including journalist and comedian Lee Ridley.

Lee, AKA Lost Voice Guy, is a Geordie comic with cerebral palsy who has no speech, but is by no means silent; he uses a communication aid to perform his stand-up.

On his postcard (pictured right), Lee has used the lyrics from the Jackson 5 hit ‘Blame it on the Boogie’ to highlight the blame culture that many people feel has developed around disability.

“I think disabled people are often treated as scapegoats, and that is what my postcard is saying,” explained Lee. “We’re an easy target in the same way as immigration and so sometimes get demonised by the government.

“I’d be silly not to have a say in political matters really, especially with all the cuts going on at the moment. Often people with disabilities aren’t given a voice, and I thought taking part in Postcards from the Edges would help redress the balance a little bit.

“It’s really crucial that people with disabilities vote on 7th May. The more pressure we can put on the political parties, the more they will sit up and take notice of us.”

Create your own card online now!

There’s still time to contribute! If you’re affected by disability or mental health needs, create a postcard online now.

Are you unsure what to expect from the different parties if they come to power, or feeling overwhelmed by the amount of election-related information out there? Download our Easy News Party Manifesto Special – an 18-page summary of the 7 main political parties’ key promises around health, education, immigration and more. It’s in easy read format so is ideal for readers with learning disabilities.

On Thursday, we are set to see one of the closest election votes in recent history, and the votes of disabled people could make all the difference. United Response hopes to use the collection of postcards to inform the next government, so we urge all of you to have your say by creating a postcard and then voting on May 7th. Your voices matter.

Laura Cook, web and digital communications assistant.