Behind the door of Day 6 of our Community Advent Calendar is a wonderful excuse to get cosy this evening and watch films with your friends!

By now, you’ve said hello to some new faces and maybe even made some new friends at your local carol service. Now is the time to invite your new - and old - friends to have a film night and enjoy some of your favourite Christmas moments on the big screen.

We asked a few people around the office what their favourite go-to Christmas film was and these were the results:


This film didn’t do too well at the box office, but stars the wonderful Robin Williams working in a toy factory, and some rather bizarre but imaginative scenes.



Home Alone

Always showing on TV around this time of the year, it’s (surely) everyone’s favourite Home Alone - and needs no description!



The Muppet Christmas Carol

Going from one classic to another, we have The Muppet Christmas Carol. One for the whole family to watch and, well, why wouldn’t you want to watch Gonzo star as Charles Dickens?



Die Hard

Bruce Willis, white vests, villains and good guys. Explanation done.



Love Actually

Because love actually is all around. Unfortunately, most of the clips involving Bill Nighy were somewhat unsuitable for this blog so we’ll settle with the delightful Rowan Atkinson.


The Nightmare Before Christmas

Celebrate two holidays in this film and join our favourite pumpkin king as he tries to recreate Halloween.



The Grinch

“What if Christmas," he thought, "doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more..?”




Probably the most festive of our Christmas films, it’s Gremlins. Just just don’t feed them after midnight...




A firm favourite in the office. Watch Buddy the elf find his father in New York, eat used gum off the streets and pour syrup on virtually everything he eats.



It’s A Wonderful Life

A staple of Christmas in many households, we couldn’t leave this one off the list. It’s A Wonderful Life, now let me give you the moon.



Natalie Millbank, community and event fundraiser.