Fundraisin' can be really difficult sometimes, even fer th' toughest band 'o pirates. On top 'o that, organisin' an event can sometimes seem like too big 'o a fish to catch.


So, here be a map to th' perfect idea fer a fundraisin' event that's probably buried not too far away.


Step 1: Find somethin' ye really heartly enjoy doin'. Th' easiest way to be enthusiastic 'bout an event yer puttin' on be to choose somethin' ye heartly enjoy. Think 'o a hobby ye love or a thin' ye like doin'.


Step 2: Get a group 'o ye best mateys. Before ye start ye event, 'tis a jolly idea to see how many mateys ye can get on ye side. Find groups locally that might also be interested in th' same activity. Think 'bout how many people might join in.


Step 3: Choose the hour 'n a place. Think 'bout th' best the hour to put on ye event 'n whar ye might hold it. Although it can sometimes cost a pretty penny to rent places to hold events, ye may be able to find a free space either through local community centres or local businesses. Or ye could even host it in ye own yard!


Step 4: Set ye sights on a target. Thar be all sorts 'o ways to fundraise. Ye can charge fer tickets, ye can ask fer donations at th' door, or ye could hold raffles 'n stalls durin' th' event to raise some extra cash. Think 'bout how many different ways in one event ye can fundraise.


Step 5: Invite all ye hearties. Tell all ye pirates ye can 'bout ye event once 'tis set in stone. Give a go' local businesses, relevant groups that would like to come to ye event, message it online 'n more. Ye can contact us fer some help 'n advice on how to get th' word out thar.


All 'o these steps help ye drum up an idea fer a fundraisin' event that would be a fun fer ye to put on in aid 'o United Response.


Or ye can have a look at our fundraisin' toolkit below fer more ideas.

Check out our fundraisin' toolkit

But if th' map's not helpin' 'n ye're still stuck wonderin' paces, get in touch wit' our Fundraisin' team 'n we can send ye some aid at [email protected].