National disability charity United Response is calling on local artists to contribute their work to a free exhibition set up by its Community Network.

Running from 6th-12th June (except Sunday 8th), the fourth annual Unusual Art exhibition is taking place at the Community Network on Cheriton High Street in Folkestone and is open to artists of all abilities.

Last year, there were over 300 visitors to the open event and many artists got the opportunity to sell the artwork they displayed.

Bridget Mayer, who works at the Community Network, said: “The important thing about this exhibition is that it is entirely open to a mixture of artists; some have never shown their work before while others are quite experienced or are undergoing art training.

“There is no theme to adhere to for the event, we wanted to allow artists to be as creative as they wanted about anything they wanted to express.”

The Community Network is a place that encourages people to come together with others in their local area to share interests, hobbies, skills, ideas, concerns, aspirations and needs.

It is hoped that the event will raise vital funds for the project while offering an opportunity for artists living in the area to showcase their work in a unique environment.