Kirkby Lonsdale -based artist Andy Wild will see his unique artwork featured in a national exhibition touring the country from this September. Andy submitted his illustrated postcard to Postcards From The Edges, a major new project exploring life and disability one year after the Paralympics. The project has been launched by national disability charity, United Response, as part of its 40 year anniversary.

Anyone with an interest in disability was invited to express themselves creatively using a blank postcard, with the opportunity to use words or pictures in any way they chose. Over 500 postcards were submitted to the project. Hundreds will appear at the exhibitions, but 40 have been specially chosen to be showcased and enlarged for the exhibitions. Andy’s ‘Energy and Joy’ postcard will feature prominently alongside postcards from celebrities like Oscar winning actress Emma Thompson, Olympic gold medalist Sally Gunnell, Suede singer Brett Anderson, Paralympian Hannah Cockroft and many more.

Postcards from the Edges is the biggest creative campaign in United Response’s history. The charity hopes to shine a spotlight on the everyday lives of disabled people; their hopes and fears, the challenges they face and their achievements. Postcards have come from a huge array of people including older people with mental health needs, young models with physical disabilities, the mothers of children with autism, hearing impaired artists and many, many more. The postcards came from across the UK and even as far afield as Baltimore in the US.

Andy, who suffers from daily seizures because of his epilepsy, named his postcard ‘Energy and Joy’. Seizures and the medicine that Andy takes cause extreme tiredness, but there are times when he feels energetic and happy about life and his surroundings. Andy created his postcard in response to his bursts of energy and joy and to remind people life can be wonderful no matter what setbacks you face.

Andy's postcard "Energy and Joy"

View Andy's postcard on the Postcards from the Edges website

Andy said: “To be able to express yourself on a postcard is a unique and wonderful idea. For me this project gives people the freedom to express themselves in so many different ways – from writing a poem to drawing an image. So when I heard my work has been chosen as a showcase piece I was over the moon. I have an illness that I deal with on daily basis, but there is also a lot of joy in my life and I think it is useful to remind folks that people who are ill or disabled can have a very happy life.”

United Response hopes the campaign will promote inclusion, raise awareness and celebrate diversity. Andy added: “I am thrilled that my work will feature in galleries around the country, but more so I really hope it will have an impact on people. With any luck people will identify with it whilst reflecting on their own experiences.”

Su Sayer CBE, United Response’s founder and chief executive, said: “One year ago, the Paralympics shone a spotlight on disabled sporting heroes. We wanted to pick up the baton and go further, celebrating the everyday lives and achievements of ordinary disabled people. We knew from first hand experience how much disabled people have to say, so we wanted to create a space where they could express themselves in whichever way they chose. The resulting exhibition is a real explosion of creative energy, offering a kaleidoscope of different experiences. Some postcards are very moving, some are funny and others are simply beautiful, but the overall experience is eye opening and inspiring. I’m very proud that we are using our 40th anniversary to launch a unique, life affirming project like this.”


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