On Thursday 12th January, David Mowat MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Community Health and Care met with people with disabilities, who are supported by national charity United Response, to find out more about their lives and to see good social care in action.

United Response provides care to enable people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and mental health needs to live their lives to the fullest. Mr Mowat visited four people supported by the charity at their home in South Wimbledon. 

Brian, Rachel, Heidi and Coral all have learning disabilities and require various levels of support to live active, meaningful lives in their community.

They all enjoyed meeting Mr Mowat, giving him a tour of their house and chatting to him about their hobbies and interests. Brian, an AFC Wimbledon fan, took the opportunity to defend his local team and jibe the minister for supporting Manchester United.   

The house where they live was opened in 1995 as a residential care service. United Response runs the service as a non-profit provider under contract to the London Borough of Merton.

Whilst the charity has an excellent relationship with the Council, the service is still vulnerable to national funding challenges in social care currently faced by all local authorities.

Tim Cooper, Chief Executive of United Response, said:

“We appreciate the Care Minister taking the time to visit and see for himself how important good support within the local community is. The individuals he met today are a good representation of some of the thousands of people we are able to support to live happy, dignified and independent lives across the country."

During the visit, Mr Mowat took the time to talk to United Response staff to discuss the day-to-day challenges they face in delivering quality support and care. Mr Mowat thanked them for their valuable work, which allows people to live happily in their community.

Mr Mowat said: 

"It was a pleasure to meet experts working at United Response and the people they support.  I commend them for their commitment to providing high quality social care, which is truly transforming the lives of people with learning disabilities by helping them to live more independently".

Over the past few months, United Response has been encouraging people to share their view of what good social care is through its Postcards from the Edges campaign. 

To find out more about the campaign and create a ‘postcard’, visit: www.postcardsfromtheedges.org.uk