A national disability charity is holding a free art exhibition for the whole community featuring work by students at a local activity centre.

The art show, organised by United Response, will take over two large shops in County Square in Ashford between Thursday 19th June and Thursday 26th June from 10am to 4.30pm every day and Is to be the largest exhibition of work in the town.

Students attending Dovedale Court will be selling their work and so far around 60 artists are involved in the unique show, which seeks to focus on art and not the disabilities of the person, allowing them to be judged purely as an artist.

Volunteer Event Organiser Mike Turton, explained: “Students attending Dovedale court Activity Centre are given opportunities to express themselves, explore and develop creative skills. Being able to show and exhibit work in a prominent town centre venue focuses on their abilities.

“It’s all about the art, the artists and what they are expressing. The exhibition of art connecting Ashford artists is a unique exhibition showing work by an eclectic mix of artists of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.”

Offering room for 400 pieces of work, the shops are beside Debenhams and will house pieces by a variety of artists, from trained professionals to those with therapeutic or educational experience.

Attendees of Dovedale Court are supported by United Response, a national charity with over 40 years’ experience of supporting people with learning disabilities, mental health needs and physical disabilities to live the life they choose.

Mike added: “We are very conscious not to be disabled centric, but rather focus on the work those we support have created. Whole sections of society are excluded from art and creative spaces and this show offers a chance to reveal your talents whatever your ability.

“This exhibition hopes to inspire and have a positive impact on the whole community.”

The exhibition will also feature a selection of artwork from United Response’s Postcards from the Edges campaign, a creative project asking people affected by disability to express whatever is important to them.