National disability charity United Response is calling on the local community to attend a free exhibition set up by its Community Network service in Folkestone.

Running from 20th-25th June (except Sunday 21st), the fifth annual Unusual Art exhibition is taking place at the Community Network on Cheriton High Street and is open to artists of all abilities.

In recent years, hundreds of visitors have attended the open event while local artists of varying abilities have relished the opportunity to display and even sell their pieces.

Martine Norton, Area Manager at United Response, said:

“This is an inclusive exhibition that aims to encourage local artists to take part and showcase their work in an open setting.

“While people supported by United Response will take part in the event and showcase their own work, any disability that an artist may have is incidental. The exhibition is purely a celebration of art and is about forming connections within the community and empowering people to showcase their talent.”

United Response’s Community Network is a place open to everyone in the local area that encourages people to come together with others to share interests, learn new skills, ideas, share concerns and make new friends.

It is hoped that the event will raise vital funds for the project while offering an opportunity for artists living in the area to share their work in a unique environment.


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