Boris Johnson

On 23 July 2019, Boris Johnson became the leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister of Great Britain




Theresa May; Boris Johnson

He replaced Theresa May who resigned after she could not get MPs to support her Brexit deal with the European Union.




Jeremy Hunt; Boris Johnson

Johnson got more votes than his nearest rival, Jeremy Hunt, to become the party and country's leader.





Tory only vote

Only members of the Conservative Party were allowed to vote for the new leader. It was not a general election when the whole country is able to vote.




Boris Johnson and ballot boxes

After becoming Prime Minister, Boris Johnson tried to call two general elections to avoid further delays with Brexit. Not enough MPs agreed so there wasn't one.




Johnson then asked the Queen if he could prorogue parliament until October, which she agreed to do. This meant Parliament was temporarily shut down.




Boris Johnson closes Parliament

A lot of people were angry about this as it meant Boris could make big decisions about how the UK leaves the European Union without MPs having a say.





They asked the Supreme Court to decide if Boris broke the law by proroguing parliament at such an important time. All 11 judges said he did, so MPs went back to work in September.