National disability charity, United Response, has published Issue 22 of its award-winning accessible news magazine, Easy News.

The latest issue explains the biggest political news stories of the past two months, including the result of the EU Referendum, the appointment of Theresa May as Britain’s new Prime Minister and the Labour Party leadership race. 

It also covers astronaut Tim Peake’s return to Earth, America’s Black Lives Matter protests, and an overview of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, among other national and international stories.

Easy News was launched by United Response in 2013, in a bid to make the news easier to understand for the 1.5 million people with learning disabilities in the UK.

The magazine is produced by a team of people with learning disabilities or autism known as UR Consultants. It is written in easy read format, which uses simple words and explanatory images to illustrate the stories.

Easy News aims to encourage discussion around the news and keep readers informed by simplifying the complex language that is often used in mainstream news.

Commenting on the latest issue, Diane Lightfoot, United Response’s Director of Policy and Communications, said:

“There has been a lot of change in British politics over the last two months, with the result of the EU Referendum, a new Prime Minister and divisions within the Labour Party. Easy News aims to keep its readers up-to-date with the news in this ever-changing political climate.”

To download Issue 22 of Easy News, please visit:


Download Easy News Issue 22