National disability charity, United Response, has published the last issue of the year of its accessible news magazine, Easy News.

Easy News promotes greater inclusion of people with learning disabilities in our society. The award-winning news magazine is written in an easy read format, which uses simple words and visual cues to explain the news stories of the day.

2016 has been an exceptional year for news and Easy News has followed all the major events of the year, including the junior doctors’ strikes, the Syrian Civil War, the EU referendum, global terror attacks and natural disasters, as well as the Olympic and Paralympic Games – and Leicester City Football Club winning the Premier League.

The final issue rounds off the year with one of the biggest news stories of 2016: the result of the US election.

Issue 24 also includes an update on Brexit negotiations, the announcement of a third runway to be built at Heathrow Airport, the outcome of Jo Cox’s murder trial, the closure of Calais’ migrant ‘jungle’ and much more.

The news is often presented using complex language resulting in people with learning disabilities being cut off from understanding the world around them – Easy News is designed to change that.

The stories are produced for Easy News by a team of people with learning disabilities or autism known as UR Consultants.

Diane Lightfoot, Director of Policy and Communications at United Response, said:

“The end of the year is always a good time to reflect on past events. 2016 has been a year of great change, across the board and it has been wonderful to see our UR Consultants tackling the year’s biggest news stories with their usual energy and enthusiasm. They have done a fantastic job of making even the most complicated stories accessible, so that people with learning disabilities have been able to stay informed and included throughout the year’s events.”

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Download Easy News Issue 24