National disability charity, United Response, has published the latest issue of its accessible news magazine, Easy News, featuring Team GB’s success in the Olympic and Paralympic Games, an update on the Syrian civil war and an overview of the US Presidential election.

Easy News promotes greater inclusion of people with learning disabilities in our society. The award-winning news magazine is written in an easy read format, which uses simple words and visual cues to explain the news stories of the day.

The news is often presented using complex language resulting in people with learning disabilities being cut off from understanding the world around them – Easy News is designed to change that.

The magazine was launched by United Response in 2013, in a bid to make the news easier to understand for the 1.5 million people with learning disabilities in the UK. It aims to encourage discussion around the news and keep readers informed by simplifying the complex language that is often used in mainstream news.

The stories are produced by a team of people with learning disabilities or autism known as UR Consultants.

The latest issue includes the news that Jeremy Corbyn has been re-elected as leader of the Labour Party, the closure of BHS, the bombings in New York, the earthquake in Italy, the Great British Bake Off’s move to Channel 4, the Apple tax scandal, Sam Allardyce leaving his job as manager of the England football team and the death of Lord Rix.

Diane Lightfoot, United Response’s director of policy and communications, said:

“As we publish Issue 23 of Easy News, we are still aiming to promote and encourage full participation in society for people with learning disabilities. This means being able to understand and inform ourselves about the world around us; only then can people choose to take part in the democratic process as fully active citizens.

“Issue 23 highlights the restricted access of people with learning disabilities from the Paralympic Games and celebrates the success of those who did compete. The back cover of the magazine pays tribute to disability campaigner Lord Rix, who fought for the rights of people with learning disabilities.”

To download issue 23 of Easy News for free, go to:


Download Easy News Issue 23