Disability charity, United Response, has published Issue 26 of the award-winning accessible news magazine, Easy News.

The latest issue covers all the biggest news stories of the last two months, including the topic on everyone’s minds – the snap general election.

Easy News aims to make the news and politics more accessible for people with a learning disability, by using an ‘easy read’ format to explain current affairs.

Sarah Bartlett, Head of Policy and Campaigns at United Response, said:

“With a general election coming up, it is vitally important that everyone in the country understands recent events, so that they can make an informed decision on 8th June.

“People with learning disabilities have the same legal right to vote as everyone else, yet historically the number of those registering to vote and using their vote has remained low. Easy News aims to change this by making current affairs and politics easier to understand.”

As well as the latest political news, Issue 26 of Easy News covers other major news stories including the Westminster terror attack, humanitarian crises in Africa and the Middle East, the UK’s new £1 coin and the Queen’s 91st birthday.

It is the first edition of Easy News to be published only online, due to funding pressures which have suspended printing.

United Response is continuing to seek feedback on Easy News, to improve future issues and ensure that the magazine is as accessible as possible to its wide readership. To provide feedback on Easy News, please take 10 minutes to fill out this survey: www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/easynews2017

United Response plans to publish a ‘Manifesto Special’ of Easy News at the beginning of June, to make the specific pledges of the main political parties more accessible ahead of the general election.

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Download Easy News Issue 26