National disability charity, United Response, has published the 20th edition of Easy News - the world’s first easy read news magazine for people with learning disabilities.

The EU referendum has dominated British news throughout the start of 2016, but the language surrounding the debate is complex and difficult for many to understand.

This issue of Easy News provides a simple overview of what the EU is and what the referendum means, ahead of the publication of the official Easy News EU Referendum Special available online on Tuesday 10th May.

Easy News was launched by United Response in 2013 in a bid to make the news easier to understand for the 1.5 million people with learning disabilities in the UK. It aims to encourage discussion around news stories and keep readers informed by simplifying the complex language that is often used in mainstream news.

Issue 20 also features coverage of the Chancellor’s Budget, the rise of homelessness in the UK, the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations and major international news stories such as the Brussels terrorist attacks and American presidential primaries.

The magazine is presented in an easy read format, which uses simple words and explanatory images to illustrate the stories, produced by a team of people with learning disabilities or autism known as UR Consultants.

Commenting on the latest edition of the award-winning magazine, Diane Lightfoot, Director of Policy and Communications at United Response, said:

“Our UR consultants have always worked hard to make even the most complex news stories accessible to people with learning disabilities, who may have found themselves excluded from public debate in the past, and this issue is no exception.

“The coverage of the EU referendum in this issue provides an easy-to-understand overview of the debate so far. The forthcoming special edition will help achieve our aim to make the referendum and voting process easier to understand for people with a learning disability, so that they can get informed and exercise their right to vote.”

The UR Consultants are currently working on producing an Easy News Special on the EU referendum, which will include easy read translations of the main arguments from the ‘leave’ and ‘remain’ campaigns.

The Easy News Special will be published on 10th May.  You can get your copy of the Easy News EU Referendum Special delivered directly to your email. Subscribe today.


Download the 20th edition of Easy News