Lewis* has been coming to our creative dementia hub with his wife for some time now. In his first two sessions he was quite anxious and confused and found it difficult to take part in group activities. By the following session he had started to relax and was able to start forming friendships with other's at the hub and was eager to join in the drumming session. 

The more Lewis came to the hub the more he enjoy himself. Being in the moment and sharing experiences with others really improved his confidence. He's can express himself in a way he hasn't been able to for a long time, his wife is elated by how much butter his communication has become. 

A lifeline for all

Margaret*, who comes to the hub with her husband Jack*, said she feltconfident leaving him in the care of support staff’ and would consider ‘going off on her own during future sessions’. Jack had previously been living in a care home but Margaret felt unable to live without him. These hub has become a lifeline for the couple, and they allow Margaret to have some much needed time for herself.

It can be a daily struggle for anyone affected by dementia, including close friends and family. The hub provides a happy, structured environment that encourages active engagement for people living with dementia. It gives them the opportunity to meet with others, have fun, and express their creative side. For many, it is the only time they are able to. Every session is different, involving a mix of music, dance, poetry, art, photography, recollection activities and much more.

With one in three people over 65 developing dementia, this kind of support is increasingly important. A donation of £30 could cover the cost of one member of support staff for one four hour workshop. 

Please make a donation today and help the hub remain a lifeline in Cornwall.

*names have been anonymised to protect people's privacy.