The simple pleasure of riding a bike has changed Diana’s life.

Diana, who has autism, is assisted by her support worker, Janice, to use a hired tandem bike specially adapted for people with physical and learning disabilities.

Cycling has brought Diana great health benefits, increased social interaction and enjoyment. She cannot use an ordinary two-wheeled bike because she would be unable to balance. The adapted tandem bike allows her to cycle at ease alongside Janice.

woman on an adapted bike

Diana cycling an adapted bike

Janice commented on the benefits of cycling:

“It’s all about inclusion really. Our bike rides in the park are always social. Diana isn’t a chatty person but she stops to talk to people when we’re out cycling. She was even telling the shop assistant in our local supermarket about it! It has enabled her to have greater involvement in her community.

“There is also an important health aspect – Diana has lost a considerable amount of weight since she started cycling. The activity is helping her stay fit and healthy.”

“I like riding the bike, the fresh air, meeting other people on bikes, stopping to take photos and having a picnic lunch.” - Diana

Diane Dawson, manager at several of our York services explains:

‘Many people we support have no road sense and so cannot observe road safety. Many would also not be able to coordinate in order to steer the bike and some have limited sight. Short term memories may require constant instruction and reassurance and some lack the confidence to go alone.’

‘They may not be able to get onto and maintain balance on a regular bike, their muscle strength may not be sufficient to hold onto handlebars or to rotate the peddles, and if someone has epilepsy they may need to be closely supported should a seizure occur.’

That’s why adapted bicycles can be a great way for people we support in York to exercise in a controlled, safe environment.

Hiring the bike at a cost of £15 per session prohibits the amount of time they can spend on the activity, which is why our York services are trying to raise money to make sure everyone they support in the area has access to a bicycle. They have managed to raise £2,700 so far but need your help to reach their target of £4,000.

Help make exercise more accessible for the people we support in York.