The latest edition of Easy News features updates on the MPs vote against the ‘Bedroom Tax’, the Rotherham abuse scandal and the rise of Isis, as well as other stories that have dominated the news cycle in recent weeks.

Easy News has never shied away from focusing on the major news topics and the latest publication is no exception, in keeping with the project’s ethos to engage with readers without talking down to or patronising them.

Launched in 2013, Easy News aims to give people with disabilities the opportunity to find out what is happening in the world in order to gain a greater understanding of current affairs and how politics affects our daily lives.

The driving force behind Easy News is a team of people with learning disabilities and autism known as the UR Consultants.  The consultants are made up of thirty individuals working at four locations across England. They are experts in creating easy read translations.

The consultants select news stories sourced from a number of newspapers to ensure a wide range of views as one of the biggest challenges in creating Easy News is ensuring that the articles are politically neutral. The consultants manage to reflect all sides of the debate in their reporting as they are passionate about representing the Easy News readership.

UR Consultant Dan Hodges, aged 22 who lives near Knowsley, really enjoys his job and has worked on all the issues.  “The best thing about working on Easy News is that I get to think outside the box and really use my brain,” he told us. “The news stories we pick open up really good discussions.”

Dan also feels that it is important to help make the news accessible to people with learning disabilities.

“Everyone has some form of capacity to understand the news as long as it is made accessible.  Easy News really focuses on the news by removing jargon and changing big words to smaller words that mean the same.  We aim to make smooth and flowing news stories.”

We hope that you find the latest edition useful in starting discussions around the news, and as always, we welcome your feedback: [email protected]

You can download the eleventh edition of Easy News as a PDF, or find to more about our Every Vote Counts campaign which aims to ensure that people with learning disabilities are ready for the forthcoming general election.

Xanthe Breen, senior press officer.