The first issue of Easy News in 2015 features exclusive interviews with the Minister of State for Disabled People Mark Harper MP, Shadow Disabilities Minister Kate Green MP and Liberal Democrat Rt. Hon. Paul Burstow MP, as well as the latest news from the UK and around the globe.

Some of the UR Consultants, the team that work on Easy News, asked the MPs for their views on how to make it easier for people with disabilities to vote, what changes they’d like to see implemented by the next government, why they wanted to be MPs and many other issues.

This edition also covers recent major news stories including the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, the A&E crisis and the appointment of England’s first female bishop, maintaining the magazine’s commitment to varied and unbiased reporting.

From the first issue in January 2013, the bi-monthly magazine has aimed to encourage people with learning disabilities to read about news and politics, so that they can form opinions and make informed decisions on the issues that affect their daily lives.

Looking ahead to the upcoming election

Diane Lightfoot, United Response's director of communications and fundraising, said:

This month’s Easy News focuses primarily on politics at a time when the country is looking ahead to the upcoming election. We wanted to level the playing field for people with learning disabilities to enable them to engage with the key talking points, empowering them to speak directly to politicians and ask the questions that matter to them about issues that affect them. UR Consultants, who translate Easy News, always work hard at translating stories, and this edition provided a great opportunity for them to be news creators and produce the main feature themselves.”

The magazine's accessible content supports our Every Vote Counts campaign, which aims to make politics accessible to all, particularly people with learning disabilities. The campaign has produced easy read guides to voting and a dedicated website that urges all political parties to communicate more accessibly, in order to ensure that anyone with a learning disability takes the opportunity to use their legal right to vote in the General Election.

Read the latest edition now

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Xanthe Breen, senior press officer.