A Flame For All is a campaign aiming to ensure that the 2012 Olympics are a true celebration of our nation’s diversity.

This campaign was launched to coincide with the announcement of the 70-day torch relay route, and the search for people to act as Torch Bearers.

We welcome the organisers’ intention to ensure that the 8,000 torch-bearers reflect the UK’s population. However, we think this will only happen if the public nominate enough people from the broadest range of backgrounds, including people with disabilities.

That's why we launched a simple guide on how the Olympic nomination process works, and some tips on how to effectively nominate someone.

Official nominations have now closed, but there are still other opportunities for people with disabilities to take their place in the Olympic spotlight.

Key Olympic sponsors are still looking for people to keep the flame burning:
- Coke (deadline 5th Sept)
- Lloyds (12th Sept)
- Samsung (30th Sept).

Take part in the opening ceremony

The Olympic organisers are also looking for 10,000 volunteers to be participants in the opening ceremony. Successful applicants will perform in front of a packed stadium and a broadcast audience of more than one billion people.

Once again the organisers have emphasised inclusivity, saying on their website: “We want to make sure applicants who are disabled or deaf are provided with the necessary support during each stage of the process”.

This means that people with disabilities or impairments, who are often marginalised in our society, will be given an opportunity to take part in an event that will unite the nation.