Mayor of London Boris Johnson has endorsed Every Vote Counts, including a shout-out to Political Correspondent David Allkins.

The Every Vote Counts campaign has the support of all five of the main UK political parties - the Conservatives, Greens, Labour, Liberals and UKIP – and United Response has been in touch with the offices of each of the party leaders to ask for a brief video interview. They’ve all assured our campaigns team that we can expect their endorsement over the course of the election.

We’re asking each leader whether more people with learning disabilities should take part in the democratic process, as well as what their party is doing to help disabled people.

The Mayor of London gives his seal of approval

Although he’s not a national party leader, Boris Johnson is very well known in British politics.

As Mayor of London, he’s the leader of the biggest metropolitan area in the UK and usually makes waves when he says something – which is why we’re very pleased that Boris has endorsed the Every Vote Counts campaign and our Political Correspondent David Allkins.  

We caught up with him in the midst of a media scrum at a London pub in Teddington, where he was campaigning with Conservative parliamentary candidate Dr Tania Mathias.

John JC Cooper, campaigns manager.