On Day 21 of our Community Advent Calendar, help combat isolation by Hanging on the Telephone with an old friend.

The last Sunday before Christmas tends to be a time for finalising crucial festive details: buying your last present to get yourself Off The Hook, racing to the local shops for an extra bag of brussel sprouts or double-checking you’ve ordered the turkey.

But for many, the looming festivities can bring on a heightened sense of loneliness and isolation. The pressures of everyday life can make Long Distance Operators of us all at times, but making a simple phone call and taking some time out of your day at home to contact someone you haven’t spoken to in a while can make a big difference.

Reach out to people today

Our Combating Social Isolation campaign aims to give people with disabilities and mental health needs the opportunity to better access their communities, build relationships and have the same opportunities as everyone else.

A report launched as part of the campaign found that the majority of people agreed that not having contact or interaction with people would make them feel lonely.

For those who have limited mobility, getting out and about, particularly during cold weather, can be difficult, so why not Ring Ring an old friend today?

Gemma Taylor, media assistant.