The Prime Minster, David Cameron, has sent a message of support to United Response’s Every Vote Counts campaign.

As the leader of the Conservative Party, he also personally thanked political correspondent David Allkins for his hard work as political correspondent.

Our Every Vote Counts campaign to make democratic information accessible ahead of the General Election, has the support of all five of the main UK political parties - the Conservatives, Greens, Labour, Liberals and UKIP – and United Response has been in touch with the offices of each of the party leaders to ask for a brief message of support.

We asked each leader whether more people with learning disabilities should take part in the democratic process, as well as what their party is doing to help disabled people.

You can see all of David Allkins' political correspondent reports on YouTube here.

A video message from David Cameron

With a week to go until the election, the Prime Minister took time out from the election trail to record a film for United Response.

The Prime Minister said: “I’m such a huge fan of United Response. Their Every Vote Counts campaign makes politics accessible. It helps people to make their decision as the election approaches. And I’d like to pay tribute to political correspondent David Allkins for his great work on that.”

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John JC Cooper, campaigns manager.