The latest issue of Easy News is available now, bringing the year to a close with a round-up of the most important national and international news stories from the last two months. 

As the world’s first easy read news magazine, Easy News aims to inform people with learning disabilities about current affairs by offering a summary of key news stories using plain language and explanatory images.

In this edition

The December edition tackles complex and sensitive stories, such as the terrorist attacks in Paris, the Russian plane crash in Egypt and the closure of UK charity Kids Company. It also includes a feature on the twentieth anniversary of the Disability Discrimination Act and a variety of quick news summaries, including the appearance of a super blood moon and the release of the new record-breaking James Bond film.

Easy News seeks to encourage debate around a broad range of stories and keep people informed by simplifying the complex language that can often put people off finding out more about the news. All the short, simplified sentences are accompanied with supporting illustrative images to retell the stories in a way which is easy to understand.

Download Issue 18 of Easy News

Translating to easy read

The production of Easy News is made possible by our fantastic UR Consultants, a team of people with learning disabilities and/or autism. The consultants work from four different locations across the country, in small teams with support from our job coaches, picking news stories and translating them into easy read format.

Commenting on the new edition of the award-winning magazine, Diane Lightfoot, Director of Policy and Communications at United Response, said:

“It is a credit to our consultants that they have once again been able to translate complex and often distressing news stories, such as the terrorist attacks in Paris and the Russian plane bombing, into accessible and meaningful language. In doing so, our Easy News team are ensuring that our readers can better understand important world affairs, however difficult they may be.”

Download Issue 18 of Easy News

Looking ahead to 2016

As we move into 2016, we are looking at ways of making Easy News more useful for our readers. We have taken on board comments about the frequency of Easy News and are looking at how we can get it to you more quickly and more often.

We always enjoy receiving your feedback and find it incredibly helpful. We would love to hear any comments you have about the difference that having an easy to understand news magazine, like Easy News, has made to you during 2015.

We are also considering the idea of creating resources to help people set up their own discussion groups around Easy News. If you’re currently in a group which discusses Easy News, we would particularly like to hear from you!

Please email any comments you have to [email protected].

Xanthe Breen, press manager.