The General Election is just 7 days away, so now is the time to remind yourself of the policies and views of the different political parties so that you can make an informed decision on 7th May.

We launched our Every Vote Counts campaign in the hope of boosting political engagement among people with learning disabilities, while raising greater awareness of the fact that most people with a learning disability are entitled to vote. The campaign has also urged political parties to make their democratic material accessible, so that the 1.5 million people with learning disabilities in the UK can find out more about politics and voting.

Every Vote Counts has been endorsed by all of the main political parties, including by David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband, emphasising the importance of disability issues to those across the political spectrum.

Easy News is here to help you make a decision

While election day is looming, there is still time to make a decision on which party you will vote for. United Response’s UR Consultants have produced an easy read manifesto round-up, an 18-page summary providing details of the parties’ promises on health, education, benefits and more.

This special edition of Easy News is available as a downloadable PDF and aims to help people come to a decision on who to vote for.

Your vote really does count

This is set to be one of the closest fought elections in living memory and so the votes of people with learning disabilities could have a huge impact on the election result, meaning that every vote really does count! We hope that this campaign has empowered people with disabilities and their supporters to make their voices heard on 7th May.

Find out more about Every Vote Counts

Gemma Taylor, media assistant.