Last year, hundreds of United Response services and supporters got involved in 4tea – our nationwide tea party event.

We asked people to organise a tea party, however large or small, and invite their friends, family and neighbours round. Not only did these parties raise money for United Response’s local services, but it gave people a fantastic opportunity to form new relationships within their community.

A garden party with a twist

One of our services in Chesterfield invited their neighbours over for tea in their garden. The people we support were involved in all aspects of the day, hosting stalls, a BBQ and games during the country-and-western-themed party.

Ro Jones, who works at our service in Chesterfield said:

“The annual 4tea day has become a day that not only the people we support look forward to, but that people who live locally also enjoy. Through these parties, neighbours gain a better understanding of the type of support that is offered to people and the enjoyment that we can all experience together.”

Take a look at how their day went:


Invite a friend for a cup of tea

A cup of tea is a great excuse to get together with people, which is why we ask you, on Day 15, to invite people round for a festive brew. Whether you invite people over to yours or meet someone for a coffee in town, it’s an easy way to catch up with old friends and better get to know new ones.

By donating to our social isolation appeal, you will be helping us to fund more events like this to encourage relationships within communities and ensure no one is socially isolated.

Natalie Millbank, community and event fundraiser.