Did you know: in England it’s common to take a break with a cup of tea and maybe some cakes at 11 o’clock in the morning, also known as ‘elevenses’? Of course you did, because you’re probably doing exactly that right now!

So whilst you’re enjoying your morning cuppa, here’s some more (hopefully!) interesting information about tea to mull over and maybe even get you in the mood to host your own United Response tea party.

• Tea is, quite rightly, the second most consumed drink in the world – water being the first[1], and the British drink 165 million cups a day.[2]

• Afternoon tea was introduced to Britain by Anna, Duchess of Bedford in the 18th century, who is said to have been hungry during the late afternoon. The solution was to have a light snack with a cup of tea, and we have certainly made the most of it today, with 3 tier stands of scrummy treats![3]

• The record for the highest number of cupcakes eaten in six minutes is…82![4]

• People pair food with tea just as wine connoisseurs’ pair food with wine – for example, Jasmine tea is ideal to serve with a dessert.[5]

• There is a dance called the ‘cakewalk’ which began as a competition in graceful walking in America. The winning couple would be awarded a huge cake as the prize.[6] 

• Stressed at work? Chamomile tea can help relieve anxiety and stress. It’s also known to have many other health benefits such as helping to fight colds, relieving insomnia and even helping to protect against chronic diseases.[7]

• The tea bag was invented by accident by Thomas Sullivan who sent samples of his tea to his customers in small silk bags. The customers assumed they should put the whole bag in the pot rather than just the leaves and thus came the tea bag.[8]

Our 4tea event launches in June, and we’re asking you to host a tea party to raise money to help us continue our work supporting people with a range of disabilities, mental health needs, autism and dementia. 

All you have to do is pick a day in June that suits you and invite your friends and neighbours round for a cuppa – you can go as big or small as you like.

You will get a beautiful 4tea pack and a unique text donation code so those attending, and even those not attending, can donate with a simple text. You will even have your own online page where you can print invitations and posters.

Finally, to leave you with something to ponder…

Should you pour the milk in first or last?

 Natalie Millbank, Community and Events Fundraiser

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