With just over a week until Christmas, you are probably feeling fairly festive by now. Even if you aren’t, today - on Day 16 of our Community Advent Calendar - why not visit a Christmas market? You’ll soon be full of glee. 

If you’re not sure where your nearest market is, pop to your community centre or even a local supermarket, and no doubt the community board will tell you where you need to be.

Market traditions

There will be lots of festive treats for you to try, and plenty of Christmassy gifts and decorations too. Christmas markets began in Germany and lots of the traditions and foods we now associate with Christmas originated there. You could try a bratwurst (a German sausage) or some candied toasted nuts, or perhaps you’d like some eggnog (a festive Canadian milk-based drink) instead. 

Kingston Christmas Market – Kingston has been home to markets for over 800 years! 

And once you’ve tasted some delicious treats, you could have a browse of the gift stalls – there’ll be something for everyone. Make sure you have a good old natter with the stall holders – they’re a friendly bunch!

Community at its most festive

Many of our services around the UK run their own food and craft stalls with the people we support at community markets. They make lots of lovely bits and pieces, like chutney, chocolates, artwork, cupcakes and even seedlings. So - who knows - you might come across one of these stalls, and if you do, make sure you say hello! These stalls are a great way for the people we support to really get involved in community life, and they are made possible by your donations. 

Sarah Riddlestone, fundraising assistant.