This week Oliver - who we support in York - interviewed another person we support at United Response. His name is Matt.

Matt suffers from very high levels of anxiety but with support he has completed the Performing Arts Diploma Level 2 and is currently studying the Performing Arts (Acting) Extended Diploma Level 3. This is what he said to Oliver.


Tell us about the course you are doing.

Performing Arts Level 3 Acting, a two year course which you can only get in via good grades or completing the Level 2 course which I did. You learn how to act and where it originated from and you don’t do exams. Instead you do assignments which will decide your grade after the course is finished.

Are you enjoying the course?

It is fair so far as I have only been on the course since September therefore my views are still changing every day. However, earlier I completed the Level 2 course in which I took part in three acting pieces. One I had to perform twice at two different schools and one I had to hire a costume from the Theatre Royal Costume Hire. This was a huge challenge but at the same time very rewarding despite the issues of members not arriving into college as they should do due to both explained and unexplained situations.

What part of the course do you enjoy the most?

The acting as I get to try out new things daily which is either costume or characters. They are fun to do but due to the characteristics dictated by the script itself it is also hard to get into smoothly and you will take over a week, maybe more, for others to get into their roles.

What characters have you played while studying performing arts?

So far none as of yet in Level 3 as I have been doing improvised pieces. In Level 2 I played a boarding school student from a play called The Wardrobe, Duncan from a modernised version of Macbeth and a Sultan from Arabian Nights all of which were difficult but yet rewarding towards your grade.

What are your favourite types of plays to act in?

Humour and action, I tend to dislike Shakespeare as I find it annoying, I find the language extremely awkward as I don’t understand half of it.

What do you want to do when you finish the course?

I want to get into screen and voice acting. I also go to the Yorkshire School of Acting which is an acting course outside of college and though it lasts only an hour a week it is fun to do.


Thanks for your time Matt and good luck with the course!

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