Our practice development team are delighted to announce the release of the latest addition to our best practice suite of resources – a guide to effective communication.

This brand new communication resource has been written by Dr Jill Bradshaw, lecturer in learning disability at the Tizard Centre, and is part of a comprehensive set of person-centred guides and training DVD produced by United Response.

About the resource

The resource outlines why effective communication, when delivered consistently across the staff team, is the key to achieving high-quality, effective person-centred support.

The booklet focuses on the importance of developing a clear picture of how an individual with disabilities communicates, and how this can help to reduce misunderstandings and frustration, and in turn decrease the likelihood of challenging behaviour being displayed.

It uncovers the impact of over/underestimating the person's level of understanding, highlights common obstacles to communication and explains how such barriers have an impact on active support techniques.

Get your copy

If you want to understand more about communicating with someone you support or interact with who has a disability or autism, our free communication resource is for you. Find out more about it or download your own copy of this essential guide now.

Download the Communication resource